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Short Tactical Notes: 2020 Champions League Final

Bayern Munich lined up in their normal 4-2-3-1 with Robert Lewandowski as the lone striker. They maintained this shape when defending with the Pole high up the pitch, this allowed him to lead the press which was high and intense.

Kimmich and Davies played as the full backs. When the German side were building from the back, they would often show themselves as free passing options. However, it was the front four that played the crucial role.

The front four’s almost telepathic understanding made the difference. This helped Bayern advance beyond PSG’s compact midfield and leave PSG without reply on how to stop them. Thomas Müller’s free role and ability to find space made it impossible to stop him.

PSG set up in an organised 4-3-3. Thomas Tuchel opted for the front three of Di María, Neymar and Mbappé with the Brazilian central. This meant Neymar could drop deeper and exploit pockets of space.

The French champions defended with the 4-3-3 however, the midfield was very narrow and deep. This compacted the space between the midfield and defensive line.

When in possession, they wanted to play quick vertical passes to try and catch Bayern out. PSG’s counter attacking didn’t come to fruition, one reason could be down to them not moving the ball up the pitch quick enough. Despite this, they still posed a threat in transition and found some space left by the Bavarian side.

The game ended with a 1-0 win for Bayern Munich with the goal coming from PSG academy graduate Kingsley Coman. This means Bayern Munich win their second treble, first coming in 2013, and the wait for European silverware continues for PSG.


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