Liverpool Vs Leeds United Tactical Preview

The opening round of Premier League fixtures sees the Premier League champions host the Championship champions with two of the world’s best coaches going head to head. Jürgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa both like their teams to press and play attacking football, but they are both very different. Klopp has previously stated that counter-pressing is […]

Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds’ Promotion Story

They say Bielsa picks football clubs, they don’t pick him. This goes hand in hand with his love of football as he has to have things very particular for him to operate, this is alluded to later. Discounting his time between jobs, Bielsa has only taken one brake away from football which was a three-year […]

How Arsenal Can Return to The Top 4

Since Mikel Arteta’s appointment in December 2019, the 38-year-old has overseen highs and lows. The highs include beating the likes of Liverpool and Man City in the same week, but the lows include the struggles at Brighton and losing to bitter rivals Tottenham. With finances stretched, this summer will not only have to be focussing […]

NFL Season Preview – AFC East

Last year the Patriots won the division again. Their 12-4 record shows their dominance over the AFC East. Before New England signed Cam Newton in late June, the AFC East had a lot of uncertainty for the first time in two decades. Despite their weak offense, maybe the Jets could take control. Last year they […]

NFL Season Preview – Buffalo Bills

The Bills are coming off a second placed finish. Their 10-6 record wasn’t enough to get ahead of the Patriots. Despite New England losing Brady, the Bills still don’t look good enough to topple New England. Teams that have invested a majority of their capital on the defensive side of the ball can still succeed […]

NFL Season Preview – Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins finished last year in last place of the AFC East. A 5-11 record was a huge disappointment and changes had to be made. After a massive roster overhaul that brought in upgrades at just about every position, the Miami Dolphins will head into the 2020 season with a realistic chance to compete. It’s […]

NFL Season Preview – New England Patriots

The Patriots won the AFC East again with a 12-4 record. Their dominance is clear but there isn’t much more adversity that could have been thrown in the New England Patriots’ way this year.  First, Tom Brady departed during free agency along with some key defensive pieces like Kyle Van Noy and Jamie Collins. Then […]

NFL Season Preview – AFC North

The Ravens’ 2019 season hinted at long-term dominance, most importantly a young star emerged at quarterback which helped them to their 14-2 record. A relentless defence developed its identity. An offensive coordinator found his creative groove, pounding team after team into clock-draining submission. So why would anyone hesitate to hand the division title right back […]

NFL Season Preview – Baltimore Ravens

The expectations have never been higher at the Baltimore Ravens as they are coming off the best regular season in franchise history. Coach John Harbaugh has the depth and talent especially with reigning MVP Lamar Jackson at quarterback to regain the AFC North and be one of the favourites for the Super Bowl. Last year, the […]

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