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NFL Season Preview – AFC East

Last year the Patriots won the division again. Their 12-4 record shows their dominance over the AFC East. Before New England signed Cam Newton in late June, the AFC East had a lot of uncertainty for the first time in two decades. Despite their weak offense, maybe the Jets could take control. Last year they finished 7-9 and their quarterback missed a large part of the season due to mono.

Or maybe it was open for the Buffalo Bills. They made the playoffs last year and their development of quarterback Josh Allen was ahead of schedule.

However, the Miami Dolphins shouldn’t be slept on. Coach Brian Flores has taken the ideas and roster back to basics. Last year he tore everything up to put in place the foundations needed in order to succeed, this has been highlighted by the faith put in rookie Tua Tagovailoa.

This was all before Bill Belichick and the Patriots made the power move the NFL feared. New England’s signing of 2015 MVP Newton who is known as one of the most difficult players to defend against in the modern era. The 31-year-old sign a one-year contract but comes with a point to prove after the Panthers cut him and the rest of the league didn’t make a move despite him bringing the Super Bowl to Carolina five years ago.

Newton’s ability coupled with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will strike fear into any opponents. If McDaniels can bring the best out of Newton’s generational talent as he combines powerful running with downfield throwing, New England could afford to save their best for the playoffs.

Could Newton be exactly what New England need to maintain their dominance despite Brady’s departure? What could stop the Patriots from taking their 12th consecutive title and 18th in 20 years?

It does depend a lot on Newton’s fitness. He injured his throwing shoulder in 2018 and also missed 14 matches last year with a Lisfranc injury which required surgery on his left foot. These problems are the reason why every other team passed him up, but New England saw it as a risk worth taking.

Another wildcard for Belchick is Jarrett Stidham. Stidham was a fourth-round pick in 2019 and is meant to be Brady’s successor. The defence will keep the team competitive, if the offense clicks, the Patriots could look back to their best.

Buffalo’s defence still looks strong and although the Jet’s big news was trading Jamal Adams to Seattle for two first-round picks, they also remade their offence. Both sides have young quarterbacks who are in the critical phase of development. It is time for Allen and Sam Darnold to set up.

Then there’s the young quarterback who everyone is talking about, Tagovailoa. After right hip dislocation and posterior wall fracture last November, he fell from shoo-in first-round pick to fifth. If he can get on the field, the Dolphins could make the AFC East interesting.

New England Patriots

Predicted Record: 11-5

After completing a non-competitive and uneventful regular season, the Patriots’ playoffs could go one of two ways. If Newton hits form, their attack could be the scariest they’ve had in a decade and as teams focus on him, it leaves more space for receiving corps such as N’Keal Harry who can show why he was a first-round pick in 2019.

If Newton doesn’t hit form or even doesn’t recover fully from his injury issues, the Patriots could look a bit stilted. Their attack could look quite easy to contain which would lead to another disappointing playoffs season for New England.

Buffalo Bills

Predicted Record: 10-6

This could be the year Allen grows from a player who needs to be schemed for to one who dictates the scheme. His throwing could remind people of Ben Roethlisberger, this coupled with their defence could see the Bills look like a dark horse.

However, if Allen follows Mark Sanchez’s career curve, the Bills could flop hard. And there feels like this year is all or nothing after the acquisition of Stefon Diggs. Instead of the wide receiver helping Allen flourish, he could instead highlight his decencies.

New York Jets

Predicted Record: 7-9

With a lot of animosity growing around Adam Gase reportedly, the New York Jets could implode on the field. However due to his links to General Manager Joe Douglas and the reported backing of the ownership, Gase could stay but the Jets are known to react quickly especially if the loses pile up.

On the other hand, they could come out of this season with long term answers in a few positions such as quarterback. The fans may not accept .500 especially as Gase seems to split the fans but he did achieve seven wins last year despite the flawed squad.

Miami Dolphins

Predicted Record: 6-10

The Dolphins require a rebuild and that needs time. If the ownership pulls the plug on this project to early, Flores needs time. If they fire him, he could go back to New England and strengthen them further.

Their defence could be a saving factor this season, if that stays consistent, anything could happen. Ryan Fitzpatrick is an inconsistent quarterback, but his occasional moments could win games, or it could see Tagovailoa takeover from him halfway through the season.


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